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99 Days of 100% Encouragement

By March 22, 2022February 7th, 2024No Comments

Brighten your day with a short uplifting saying or brief inspiring story. Read it – Say it – Share it – DO IT! We can all use encouraging words from time to time. Here’s a collection of 99 favorites from a life-long encourager: Danny Vann.

Danny Vann is the Founder and Director of The Aging Out Academy – where the journey from CHAOS to HOPE takes a huge leap forward.

“A foster care alumni, or one who was formerly in foster care, Danny experienced great trauma in his life as a boy, growing up in the state of Michigan. Worry, despair, loneliness, and anxiety were part of Danny’s childhood. Chaos and uncertainty, as Danny puts it, were part of his ongoing sadness in his life. Eventually, Danny ended up in an orphanage by age 12, and from there, bouncing around from one foster home to another, and as he puts it, “the challenges of adjusting to new families, changing schools, and making new friends.” Like so many, Danny was succumbing to the constant loneliness. To be sure, Danny’s future looked bleak. This young boy had every reason to give in to his trauma, give up, and become yet another tragic statistic.

Danny is helping those who transition out of foster care by providing valuable resources. He is a mentor to others who have faced trauma, and he is quickly becoming a “go-to person” in foster care. Danny’s message is a unique one of hope and survival.”

Dr. John DeGarmoFoster Care Institute

For anyone dealing with trauma and seeking peace and healing, Danny Vann has been there – and he wants to HELP YOU find ways to overcome and SURVIVE! Based on HIS OWN story of orphanage-to-foster home-to alcoholic blended family & emancipation at 17…..Danny became successful in music (including Las Vegas) AND in corporate America (middle management in computers) He is here to help and ENCOURAGE those struggling in this crazy world today!